Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Recipe – How to Make Pastry Cream Filling

Learn how to make a Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Recipe!


  1. Amber Ashley says:

    I Never had one of these. These look really great tho 🙂

  2. Amber Ashley says:

    Haha "you are the Cuba Gooding" Gotta love Chef John!

  3. Katy Degner says:

    "You are the Cuba Gooding of what is basically just vanilla pudding". I love you Chef John, never change

  4. wow i just suscribed to your channel and i love the way you do the videos. thank you

  5. "Holidays can smell fear"

    That was brilliant. I LOL'd so hard at that

  6. My god, iv asked you a million time my dear chef. Pls make a basic chocolate cake the one like in the box i want to know how to make it at home instead of buying it

  7. KLIMIN0AY says:

    Hey guys I make amazing edited videos, that take hours to make. But my channel never grows. If u sub and watch my videos I appreciate.

  8. Ross Ramsay says:

    oh man, I hadn't realized how much I miss the rhymes.

  9. lilbp7 says:

    Chef John, my fiance is allergic to corn – is there another starch that you could use instead other than flour? Tapioca or potato starch perhaps?

  10. Why not use icing sugar and eggs?

  11. I tried to clean those little black dots off of my screen than i realized those dots are actually vanilla bean seeds

  12. twocvbloke says:

    Fancy name for Custard… 😛

  13. Shawn Wesson says:

    Hey Chef John, What preposterously professional profiteroles you have here. Love The Vid, Thanks!

  14. Chrus B says:

    Made it last night with my granddaughters, made banana pudding with it and Nila wafers.. oh yea good.

  15. your humor was on point in this one

  16. Where do you buy your vanilla beans? They're ridiculously expensive at the regular markets.

  17. רותם פ says:

    Chef John, could you tag all your vegan recipes so I can watch all of them ?
    Thanks in advance

  18. Trang Nguyen says:

    ive never seen butter in pastry cream….but that might just be a genius move

  19. Why ruin it by adding butter? Why? Why?

  20. Natalie says:

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts….. Can't Lose!!!

  21. norina195 says:

    What if I want to make chocolate cream instead inside?

  22. Reverstopia says:

    It smells through the monitor!

  23. Summerbear5 says:

    Would this be good for cream filled french toast? If so you should make a video, if not you should make a video. =D

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