What I’m Eating Now *Winter* Raw Food Meal Ideas

Recipe for the Date Dip below. More recipes coming soon! Be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in future videos.

Perfected Date Dip Topping (When persimmons are out of season, you can make this recipe without them & it will still be great on your banana sandwich)

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  1. Frederik says:

    Yaiks I want a girlfriend and if it's only for the food! xD These meals look amazing yet I don't want to put in the effort to prepare them. Waargh!

  2. Very very nice delicious video! I'll share with it!)

  3. That all looks so delicious! I'm on banana island and it was NOT a good idea for me to watch that right now…haha! I would love to see your recipe, or even just an ingredient list, for your meat loaf. Looks scrumptious! Big hugs to you!! 

  4. These types of videos are always my favorite…gives me ideas on what to eat. I find myself gravitating towards to same things over and over. I miss your videos..please post another soon x

  5. These types of videos are always my favorite…gives me ideas on what to eat. I find myself gravitating towards to same things over and over. I miss your videos..please post another soon x

  6. Aly W. says:

    Maybe sometime you could give or do a vid of the "almond sauce" ingredients/measurements for noodles? Not sure how you keep it lower fat & it still taste good.

  7. jmac6t7 says:

    Wow! Looks amazing Alicia..! 🙂
    Great video..! 🙂

  8. El-Dorado says:

    And now the yummy recipes please

  9. Emily Swartz says:

    You are just a doll 

  10. JamieJamess says:

    Yay, I have missed you videos xoxo HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  11. Great ideas, thanks for sharing. 

  12. rawsynergytv says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone! Big hugs!

  13. Wow, yum! I am going to try orange juice with pear smoothies. And then the raspberry tahini dressing. Can't wait!

  14. Tx for all those lovely ideas

  15. Aly W. says:

    Yum – raspberry tahini dressing! Love these vids esp when you do recipe vids of your latest fav's. Things have changed – no mangos, dehydrated items and adding some good fats in :-). Oh the freedom of healthy foods! Much love to you Alicia !!! (:

  16. such great ideas thank you!!

  17. FANTASTIC!!!
    Such and inspiration…thankyou

  18. KLC8158 says:

    Thank you for this!  Your food always looks so beautiful.  Your ideas are so creative.  I liked the salad dressing ideas, as I am always at a loss as to how to create dressings without vinegar and using minimal oil.

  19. Yer K says:

    So creative and colorful! 

  20. What veggies and herbs do you use for the "meatloaf". Sounds really awesome!

  21. RonPaulgirls says:

    that's very nice. i still like to mix all of that with some cooked foods such as rice, other grains, beans, potatoes, etc. all of your recipes and presentations are always great, but what i have found is for me i like the variety advantage. i also like the soothing advantage of a nice soup with all kinds of nice minerals in it. apparently most people can digest grains and cooked foods just fine, if some can't like say you and kristina, then fine they shouldn't eat those things for whatever reason. the raw argument makes a lot of aesthetic sense, but the variety advantage is also an extremely strong argument, especially in the face of the reality that we live in a compromised world with all kinds of complications. so at this point, i think your diet is great for 80 percent and then cooked foods for 20 percent, to me makes a more solid combination and the best of both worlds.
    and if you think about it someone could consume everything your presenting and then merely ad a cooked meal like once every other day.

  22. onli1luv says:

    Nice! I love oj and Pom. I wondered was there sound in your video? Or possibly something is wrong withy audio?

  23. Everything looks amazing! I am going to buy some persimmons on my next grocery trip.

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