What Raw Vegans Eat In A Day

What Raw Vegans Eat in a Day – We really wanted to show exactly what we eat on a day. Before we went raw I had no idea that you could only eat fruits and vegetables and not only that what would the meal plan look like?

We have been raw for 8 months and finally we feel like we are getting a grasp on our meal plans and how to stay fully raw and satisfied through out our day. I didn’t know when we started but our portion size has increased and we are being able to eat more and more. thus putting on more healthy weight and muscle!

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  1. valav0406 says:

    Is it cold at the filming of this video? Why are y'all overdressed….just curious

  2. Umm,,, why do I see a new animal walk by each time… How many cats do you have geez…. You guys just be rich because you eat all of that in a day plus you feed all of those animals

  3. How much does that all cost tho…

  4. im a raw vegan and i eat 6 fruits a day and like 3 vegetables i dont know how this guys eat this much

  5. theres no way in hell mother nature intended a creature to survive like that.

  6. Ryan McNight says:

    nothing but sugar in all your meals, dumbass's! quit posting videos that mislead peoples education!

  7. are they autistic

  8. a Super chubby chubby cat!!! xD

  9. meanwhile the pesticides give them cancer lol jk

  10. waaaay too funnny!!!!!!!

  11. Puro Tijuana says:

    All that food is ridiculous

  12. Riv Vin says:

    $210 in one week? hahahaha.

  13. I have a hard time eating salads on a raw vegan diet. what dressings do you guys use?

  14. OMFG I am not doubting your results but you have to consume ALL THAT FOOD!

  15. That's not a raw vegan dinner.

  16. What time do you eat your foods.

  17. 1AFROCAL says:

    2 questions, rice on raw food,how??? and did they say budget is $210 per week? thanks

  18. Jesus Christ, that's a gigantic salad.

  19. Tony Danek says:

    Lol, protein??? Nah bruh

  20. C Antonio says:

    Also what do you guys think of salt? Do we need to added to our foods or do we get it from the foods we eat?

  21. C Antonio says:

    Can you also detox your body with potatoes, rice or cooked food.

  22. I hope the new generation of bodybuilding will be vegan.

  23. how can thr average person afford this????

  24. Your food looks so fkn flavourless, like you didn't add any salt to the chili or salad, my god

  25. wtf this isn't even raw, soup isn't eaw

  26. Hosen HG says:

    You can't eat this every day??

  27. Alom Depa says:

    Anyone know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about?
    I hear a lot of people lost lots of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan
    (search on google).

  28. Who has the time to eat like that do you have work a day job>? Are you professional youtubers just sitting around and eating all the time

  29. Kevin Smith says:

    about how much do you spend at the market in a month?

  30. Great Channel Boys! I just started my RAW VEGAN BODYBUILDING Channel, check it out! Peace

  31. do you guys go down on each other??

  32. It's not good to mix fruits in one time. You should eat fruits separately, as well as vegetables, otherwise, mixed fruits and vegetables just rot in stomach

  33. The Gaff says:

    great work guys, but please stop using plastic, maybe you could experiment and see if you can feel a difference?

  34. Koby Holden says:

    Is your cat vegan too?

  35. One Rule says:

    I've noticed that most raw vegans have nothing but time to dedicate to eating…

  36. Wika Szuber says:

    PLEASE can someone explain how they eat rice, is it possible they eat it uncooked??

  37. But u young boys are very small how does this inspire vegan, your kicked In birdcage chests make me want to eat meat

  38. Jas Holley says:

    How did you make the corn and rice? Don't they need to be cooked?

  39. David Thomas says:

    I wish you guys didn't sound like an infomercial. Also i can't hear you over this damn music jeeze.

  40. Fruits and vegetables are expensive especially the amount you have to eat when your a vegan very expensive

  41. Darcy Murray says:

    These VIDS are so make raw newbs not want to try…people have a life

  42. Roman says:

    If I ate that much fruit I would get heart burn and be shitting all day.
    You two are just morons with no clue about dieting or nutrition and what you are going is not healthy. You give the Vegan diet a bad name. I would for the bulk of my diet if I was Vegan be eating beans, rice, potatos, bread, nuts and yes I would eat some fruit and veg but to eat as much fruit as you both do is so pointless. Also did you know that excessive intake of Bananas can cause health problems? To much fruit as well can cause acid levels in the stomach to rise eroding at the walls of your stomach lining.
    Just want to make it clear as well I have nothing against veganism and have even started putting more Vegan foods in my diet and may even go Vegan one day but I will do it properly at least.

  43. Raj Singh says:

    I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google). But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss secrets?

  44. Sam Saldana says:

    $100 dollars is cheap? $200 dollars is cheap? You guys are crazy. I'm a full time student and a part time worker. I make only $350 every two weeks. I'm trying my best to be a well nourished vegan but after seeing this video… I'm getting really discouraged. I'm not eating half of that and yet I feel satisfied. I am taking vitamins, however I'm scared that I might not be doing this right.

  45. Lara Bertin says:

    Are canned chickpeas raw?

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